To the extreme

Nowadays it just isn’t enough with a movie from a local creek, our a lake, fighting a little trout. We’ve passed that by now. We’ve seen it thousands of times and if you want to be on top of things you’ll have to take it to the extreme. Good for us viewers. We get to see stuff that noone tried before. We get to see places that is so far away. And we get to dream about adventures.

The first movie that comes to my mind is ”A backyard in nowhere”. You’ve probably already seen it and there’s no need for me to go any further in to it. If you haven’t seen it yet; watch it!

The other day i came across a movie that’s called ”Geobass: Colombia”. It’s about bass fishing in, obviously, Colombia. I’m not into fishing bass but this video realy caught my eye. It’s well made, it’s filled with excitement and they fish in…yeah, Colombia and you guys know what they have over there… Well worth a look!

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