Being hank

Behind the Troutvision – Being Hank

I figured that it would be nice for the (few?!) readers we have to get a closer look at who we are. Who Troutvision is. So I’ve started to film a series called ”Behind the troutvision”. The first one out is Henrik Solin. He’s an avid angler who always finds time to fish, if he’s…

The countdown

The countdown

Countdown. It’s inevitable. Every single year the countdown starts months before the big trip. Actually it starts as soon as the last trip is over. But when winter slowly draws to its end and the long, cold days is nothing more than a memory the longing intensifies and the countdown kicks off properly. That’s where…

Troutvision pike

Fly fishing after pike

67. Yes, that’s the amount of pikes we caught when we traveled north for one and a half day of fishing. Fly fishing after pike. Even though the weather and the level of water i the bay we fished was against us we still managed to catch 67 predators. It’s an awesome feel when a…

03072013-b (4)

The beauty of nature

Sometimes all you need is sun, a creek, a lake, a quite evening, a rod and mother nature embracing you. A tribute to nature from Addis on Vimeo.


What the future holds

We’ve been living in silence for some time now. It doesn’t mean that we haven’t been fishing, it’s just that we haven’t caught anything worth reporting. The last time we fished we hit our local creek with our dry flies. We didn’t caught anything. It’s still a bit early to use dry flies here. The…


The one that got away

Sometimes it’s just one of those days when nothing is going your way. You have all been there. When casting on a rising fish the wind is to strong, or the fish won’t take your fly, or a tree decides to take your fly. Or perhaps it’s your reel that destroys the moment of catching…


Arctic char

One of the most beautiful fish is the arctic char. It has amazing colors on the body and the fins are red like blood with a white stripe on them. Where we fish it’s more common catching arctic char in the winter or just when the ice lets go. But the last time we fished…


Backyard fly fishing

A trip without a fish is still a good trip! That was something we experienced the last time we hit the water. We went to a small creek. It was the first time ever we fished in it. Lovely creek but we didn’t catch any fish. It will be a nice creek to return to…


Tools of the trade

We fished after sea trouts a couple of weeks ago. The whole trout vision crew was there and with us we had five more people. All in all we were ten fishermen that night. The funny thing with us fishermen is that we can’t get enough equipments. When we’re away on trips we tend to…


Sea trout le part de 3

Last Friday the whole troutvision crew went fly fishing after sea trout. We had booked boats on a special part of our river. We started fishing in the afternoon and fished a couple of hours on Friday night. The fishing was kind of slow and we only managed catch five sea trouts. We had lots…